Can reduce 30-35% dosage of packing! SABIC Syntegon build ultrathin frozen food packaging together

SABIC  with packaging machinery manufacturers Syntegon, film supplier Ticinoplast and extruding machine supplier Plastchim cooperation launched a frozen food packaging solution, the solution, the primary polyethylene (PE) grade materials combined with a new film production technology.

SABIC said, compared with the traditional blow molding PE film solution, a new solution provides higher production efficiency, and with thinning potential, no matter from the perspective of sustainable development or business, this kind of packing is attractive.


The packaging solutions based on thickness of 20 micron singles TF – BOPE membrane structure. According to reports, compared with the existing blow molding PE film, ultra-thin design can reduce about 35-50% of the packaging material.

SABIC hope that through packaging thinning, minimize the impact on the environment, and reduce the consumption of packing material to pursue brands and retailers to provide support. The packaging is also available in single-layer PE recycle recycling stream.

SABIC Europe PE business director Stephan Eltink said: “with Ticinoplast Plastchim – T and Syntegon close cooperation, our common used their innovative technology, developed a Innovation solution that sustainability and convenience of the production, consumption.”

Syntegon business, market and the sustainable development strategy director Pierre Hamelink added: “this innovative packaging solution shows the real value of cooperation. 1 stakeholders throughout the supply chain must work together, to realize the sustainable development goal, cannot do it alone.”

This 20 microns thin film has been Syntegon vertical forming, filling and sealing machine was tested successfully, the machine adopts the latest development of PHS 2.0 sealing technology, the technology to reduce the dosage of 25% of the clamping membrane, and the packing speed increased by 25%.

Ultra-thin TF – BOPE film requires less cooling time, according to SABIC, which can further improve the packing speed. In the process of test, an average of 130 bags per minute.

TF – BOPE membrane based on SABIC LLDPE BX202 level – TF – BOPE representative stenter biaxially oriented polyethylene. This is a kind of PE class products, can be used in the manufacture of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film stenter in operation.

TF – BOPE is expected to support the new application of circular economy and market, because in the circular economy mode, the need to use a single material solutions to improve the recyclability. SABIC said that TF – BOPE more material laminate can be replaced with single-layer PE structure.

Post time: Sep-26-2020