25% PCR stretch film,60% reduced plastic PP bag,Flushable label,the sustainable innovation works selected by the German Packaging Awards is coming

Under global plastic recycling economy, sustainable packaging innovation has become the direction of the common efforts of the industry. Released in early 2020 the German packaging prize, innovative packaging of sustainable development is one of the focused topic. Now take a look at the German packaging prize chose a sustainable packaging innovation of what kind of?



No glue, no mimeograph PE film are easy to be recycled

Wipak rolls out “Green  Haven” vegetarian sausage packaging, both recyclability, high protective and high production efficiency advantages. New type of vacuum packing by two layers of no adhesives, no printing of PE film, forming a single material. Packaging integrated the Digimarc bar code, you can use any intelligent device for quick scan, this enables consumers to obtain product composition and nutritional data, transparent packaging. After the service life of the packing end will also be able to enter the recycling center.

Green Haven packing also have after FSC certification of paper tape, can be separated easily with plastic body. Because of the plastic components without mimeograph, recycled also can ensure the quality of the material at high level.The company said, as a result, 90% of the PE single material, easy to use and recycling of packaging film reduced the total carbon footprint as much as 30%


02 containing 25% PCR! The new benchmark stretch film field

DUO EARTH 4 Stretch film submitted by DUO PLAST AG,Add at least 25% of the reworked material(PCR) to the stretch film formulation,There are no compromises in performance.Jury thinks it is reworked material used in the field of stretch film has set a new benchmark, at the same time meet the requirements of the optimum bearing capacity. Film thickness is only 8 um, very economy, at the same time have excellent load-bearing capacity. Film EDGE is easy to use, and by patent DUO DOUBLE EDGE technology protection.


High barrier, subtract 60% plastic alternative meat tray packaging

Sudpack Pure – Line System is a kind of thin film solution, its development and aims to commonly used tray System into recyclable PP bag, plastic used at the same time can be reduced by 60%. The film can meet the high separation requirements of fresh meat pie. There would be no need for a lot of users to use the film packaging tray, but the film roll shipped to meat producers, and packaged meat pie and more light. In addition to saving packaging materials, but also can save the other raw materials and reduce the carbon footprint.


Ultra-thin coating for a single material, compostable packaging instead of multi-layer packaging

Fraunhofer ISC ORMOCER coating development, as well as the biological base, biodegradable BioORMOCER coating, powerful and very thin, only 1-3 um thickness. Blocking performance of these coatings as provided by the multilayer structure of the blocking performance. Multi-function ORMOCER or BioORMOCER coating can be used for food or medicine packaging recycled polymer single material, or the use of biodegradable packaging materials.


The bio-based packaging today often oxygen barrier property good, hydrogen gas barrier property is lower, while bioORMOCER coating has excellent waterproof, oxygen and scent barrier effect, which makes the polymer, born “base or biodegradable polymer can meet the need of food or medicine packaging blocking performance. Using this kind of coating of high barrier property, single recyclable material, compostable material can substitute for multi-layer packaging.

100% PCR can wash label materials

HERMA Polifilm and schafer – etiketten cooperation developed by 100% PCR can wash label materials. Label is composed of PE membrane, the polymer composition is 100% of the consumer, after the recycled material, even the masterbatch is PCR – PE, white label film design makes it very easy to use mulberry printing, offset printing, digital printing and screen printing and other conventional printing process for printing.


HERMA 62 RPW label use of adhesives is a flush type adhesive, can be as low as 70 ℃ low temperature and concentration of the caustic recycling process to remove and there will be no residue. And sales of washing adhesives on the market usually only at about 80 ℃ or so temperatures can be removed.

Take out label, 100 recycled PET bottles

By Krones AG to build new bottles made from 100% recycled PET, can be completely recycled after use. In addition to the bottle difficult recycling label, use digital printing decoration, printing ink can be recycledDissolved in cheng, leaves no residues, which means the bottle material can be used again later in the life cycle to food packaging. Bottle has even in the bottleneck of the block, after opening the cover is still on the bottle, in line with the requirements of eu directive 2019/904.


The bottle sustainability idea also embodies the respect is designed in the bottle, such as the base of the triangle design is the recycling symbol shape of globally recognised as inspiration; Likewise, a bottle shoulder also consists of three rounded triangle area, a bottleneck and the connection part of the body, said this design in PET bottle, very rare.

The German Packaging prize (German Packaging Award) by the German Packaging Institute (German Packaging Institute e. v. dvi), and by the German government agencies, the federal government economic affairs and the department of energy’s sponsorship, is considered to be one of the European Packaging sector’s top awards.

Post time: Dec-01-2020