Children Disposable Safety Face Shield Fluid Resistant Full Face Mask Transparent Single Use Mask Visor Protection Kid

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Product Name: Face shiled


Material : double side Anti-fog clear

PET=280*170*0.25mm ;


white elastic band= 300*20*0.5mm ;2pcs white clips;

Flat Dimensions :280*170*30mm;


* Blue Reusable Face Shield, Cover area from top of the eyebrow to chin, Full Facial Protection from spray and splatter

* Clear visor for maximum visibility. Snug-fitting, high elasticity foam head band and adjustable cord fastener make it comfortable to wear

* Double-sided Anti-fog and Anti-static Process, waterproof and dust proof, adjustable size for kids, Piece that fits a various range of face shapes and sizes. No smells, Light weight, Ultra soft, Highly breathable.Protective and aesthetically pleasing.


1. High quality:The plastic folding’s thickness and clarity means these boxes are crystal clear with optical quality.

2. Logo, pattern can be engraved/embossed. Put your label on it and create the unique packaging that belongs to your company.

3. Factory direct sell, its price is competitive.

For use in shopping centers, c-stores, and food services, our Pet Face Shield prevent cross-contamination from one area into another, especially for liquids. Maintain cleanliness in your workplace or public space with plastic splash boxes that are easy to wash, and easier to install. Our Pet Face Shield are ideal for any point-of-sale counter top, including cash registers, and any other high-traffic area such as bank tellers, coffee shops, reception desks, and take-out pick-up locations. Including a clear physical barrier between employees and guests, your business can convey a message that it is taking the necessary precautions to protect everyone involved, which is a notion that we are positive each guest will appreciate.

The full list of possibilities is limited only by the imagination, but typical applications include: • Office baffle • School partition • Restaurant baffle • Hospital partition • Counter baffle • Cash register baffle

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